FS-8 Solid M2015

Optional Accessories:

Part # Description  Sug. Retail
HALCL19L FS-8/FS-6 Crown Liner  $                      9.95
HALCL19M FS-8/FS-6 Crown Liner  $                      9.95
HALCL19S FS-8/FS-6 Crown Liner  $                      9.95
HALCL19XL FS-8/FS-6 Crown Liner  $                      9.95
HALCL19XS FS-8/FS-6 Crown Liner  $                      9.95
HALCL19XXL FS-8/FS-6 Crown Liner  $                      9.95
HALCP19L FS-8/FS-6 Cheek Pads  $                    13.95
HALCP19M FS-8/FS-6 Cheek Pads  $                    13.95
HALCP19S FS-8/FS-6 Cheek Pads  $                    13.95
HALCP19XL FS-8/FS-6 Cheek Pads  $                    13.95
HALCP19XS FS-8/FS-6 Cheek Pads  $                    13.95
HALCP19XXL FS-8/FS-6 Cheek Pads  $                    13.95
HARZ191 Z-19 Shield Retention Kit  $                      5.95
HASZ19CL Z-19  Series    Clear  $                    24.95
HASZ19DK Z-19  Series   Dark Smoke  $                    27.95
HASZ19IM Z-19  Series   Iridium  $                    31.95
HASZ19LT Z-19  Series   Smoke  $                    24.95
HASZ19SM Z-19  Series   Silver Mir  $                    31.95
HIKZ19XXS XXS FS-6/FS-8 KitCheek&Crown  $                    19.95

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Model: FS-8

360 Degree Link:  http://3dbin.com/player/uqqlgyuo

The Zamp FS-8 consists of Fiberglass Shell and Snell M-2015 which is unheard of in the helmet industry at this price.  Most competitors at this price use fancy names to make you believe the helmet is not plastic, but typically they are.  The FS-8 offers superior Fiberglass impact absorbtion, a characteristic only seen on helmets twice the cost.

Features include:

  • Composite Fiberglass Lightweight Shell for superior performance
  • Air-Flow Vents– Adjustable Chin and Scalp Vents with Rear Exhausts.
  • Plush Removable/Washable moisture absorbent fabric Interior.  Liners interchangeable for custom fit.
  • Z-19 Shield Optically correct with Lock Button in Closed position
  • Snell M-2015 and DOT
  • New Graphics

Model Numbers: 

H045001  Solid White
H04503F  Solid Matte Black
H045003  Solid Black

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm

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