OBD Diagnostic scan

$ 17.00$ 22.00

This service is for Garages that do not have the scan tools to diagnose the cars and also for car owners or customers that want to buy a car and want to be sure of the mileage and codes status in the cars system.

We can scan any car model that has an obd 2 compliant plug example in the pictures with generic codes with a details report of the code sent to your e-mail for safe keeping.

We also specialize in BMW ,Mercedes-Benz , VW, Audi ,Bentley and Lamborghini giving factory codes with descriptions and complete scan report just like as if you were at the dealer. Get the information you need to fix your car.

Free shipping on orders over 200$ CAD anywhere in Canada including chassis and 450$ CAD for the United-States! The limit date for next stock order is July 31st, 2019! order before this date to get your products in time! Get your order by the mid-July.

Have a look see if your vehicle is included in our specialized diagnostic routine otherwise we can still scan your car but without the special diag, we have a garage so you don’t have to freeze outside while we scan your car. You will get an invoice with tax added on to it with a full report via Word document and/or text message and if needed at an extra cost of 5$ we can give our explanation to the garage of our diagnostic result via phone.


Specialized scan :






Phone support

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