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The SIGMA RS3 has been developped especially for medium tyres in Rotax, X30 and OK, where the longer wheelbase and welded column support will ensure more effectiveness.

Equipped with a new frame,the braking system has been redesigned, however, while the latest-generation KG bodywork contributes to improved performance and aesthetics. the most of the chassis exceptional performance under all track conditions.


• Side pods rear bumper and front spoiler black SODI KG
• Frame tube 30 mm
• Magnesium wheels
• Hollow axle Ø 50
• Removable front stabilizer

• Ø 25 racing stub axles
• Adjustable front hubs
• Hydraulic 4 pistons brake (CIK homologation)
• Turbo ventilated disc
• Improved ventilation

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Wheelbase 1050mm
Frame double tube removable – CIK
Tube ø 30mm
Rear Axle Hollow steel ø 50mm – 3 bearings
Axle bearing support Anodized, bearing ø 80mm
Stub axles ø 25mm “Hard”
Rear hubs Anodised, fully machined, L. 90mm
Brake 4-pistons hydraulic brake system – CIK
Brake disk Floating and turbo ventilated disk
Front wheels Magnesium low volume, 130mm
Rear wheels Magnesium low volume, 212mm
Tank Removable 8 Liters
Seat Tekneex Racing Polyester
Steering wheel Aluminium alcantara covering Sodi – Large diameter
Safety Protective base plate for break disk, brake pedal with 2 points attachment, integral chain cover, anti-locking bar
Frame colour Black + varnish
Bodywork KG Sodi CIK approved
Rear bumper KG plastic
Type : Spare parts
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Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 100 × 180 × 80 cm


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