Kart technician services

$ 70.00

Hi my name is David I have 10 years of racing experience at national level I’ve raced with top level national drivers and I want to help you in your journey to get to the top step. I can change your tires, tune your kart and coach you as well. The hourly rate is 70$ per hour and i usually work 10 hours per day unless stated otherwise by you the client. I look forward to working with you.

Free shipping on orders over 200$ CAD anywhere in Canada including chassis and 450$ CAD excluding chassis shipping for the United-States! Conditions apply! The limit amount for our next Righetti order is 1000$ when we get to a collective order of 1000$ we put our stock order! For Alfano and Sodikart if not in stock leed time is 2 weeks!

When you purchase the amount of hours you desire please let us know in the notes the dates desired and we will contact you shortly with a confirmation


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