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David Martin-Janiak

Owner of DMJ Racing he is a very motivated young entrepreneur who is making his mark by importing the Lotus karts chassis made by Lotus motors, passionate about the sport of kart racing, always approachable he is there to help.

About the owner


I’ve been passionate about cars since my childhood. At every opportunity, I had to drive a race car I took it.

In 2005, I started to compete and everything I learned from the race, I owe in large part to Robert Bedard, owner of Max Karting school, the team for which I raced for at the time. That year was my best on the circuit since I finished seventh in Canada and was named rookie of the year.

This section is for all those who want to start kart racing either at regional, national or even international.

In any sport you must always start with the basics, and in kart racing there are several steps before racing.

1. Purchase of equipment

To race, you must have your own equipment, your kart and your accessories (eg, race suit, helmet, gloves, shoes,rib protector, neck guard)

2. Driving lessons


To compete, you must hold a racing license issued by a federation of automobile as Quebec Karting ( To obtain this license, you must first have attended a course given by a driving school recognized as such with school max challenge have passed the written assessments and on track.

3. Obtain his competition license


In addition to passing the driving course, you must become a member of a kart club (eg Club Karting St-Roch-de-LAchigan), to apply for pilot’s license along with the medical assessment form and fees (60 $ to $ 120, depending on the type of license)

4. Register for competitions


For example, registration fees for regional races of the Coupe de Montréal 2012 are $ 125 per race.

Our vision


1. Implement a professional approach while providing quality service at lower cost.


2. To learn and share information between drivers to improve as a team.


3. To make the sport of kart racing more accessible and more competitive than ever.


4. To build a team of engineers and pilots who work together even if they race against each other.


5. Participate in regional events, provincial, national and even global.


6. To give the greatest possible exposure for sponsors.


7. To encourage people to live their passion and express their talent!

Our services


0.Racing tent releases for each race

2.Tools to work on karts, generator , compressor, coaching , mecanics

3.Your profile on the dmj racing website and news .

4.Press release on the karting news world wide website, and send the press release to all the motor sport racing news sites

5.Sponsors hunting for a percentage of the sponsorship

6.Photos and video making

7.Simulator for karting in the trailer

8.Reduced price for karting indoors at circuit 500

9.Uniforms for the crew and parents with all the team sponsors and personnal sponsors

10.Reduces pricing on new helmets

11.Buffet for each race week end

12.Stickers kits for the karts showing the sponsors name

13.Reserve spacing for the sponsors on the tent wall and on the trailer

14.Multimedia services outside the tent

15.Large flags for the main sponsor , space on the top of the trailer reserved for drivers

16. Press releases , 1 per month in the courrier ahuntsic for the 2011 season

17.Transportation of karts.
18.trailer size 16 by 8 closed cargo trailer

19.Engine builder under the tent

20.Trailer transportation for sponsor events

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